Chore Wars, WOWxBBC, and Chandeliering

I’ve been filming my family for a segment on WOWxBBC this week.

The piece is for Chore Wars (Saturday, May 16 at 11.30am).

It has been a mix of fun and the stress that inevitably comes with working with small children. I haven’t been on camera in a long time and I miss it.

It was wonderful to see 6-year-old take to presenting like a duck to water. He’ll probably be making science documentaries a few years from now.

Inevitably, my husband put on his best behaviour, all the things that convinced me to marry him. Whilst this was wonderful, it also means you won’t get to see my usual chandeliering on camera.

Chandeliering is my new favourite term. It’s when a calm person suddenly flies off the handle for no reason. This happens when I’ve asked for something to be done countless times (like put away the laundry) and been ignored for so long, that a seemingly innocent comment or event suddenly sends me straight through the chandelier. I chandelier a lot. Thanks to Brene Brown, I now know what to call it.

Lockdown has resulted in lots of chandeliering. It’s also resulted in lots of moments I will cherish forever. My 3-year-old, who pushes all my buttons, has finally discovered a love of books. We snuggle up and read quite a lot these days. He requests scary stories, but the horror genre for under 5s is a little thin, so he’s made up his own tales. There’s the Invisible Pirate, The Halloween Man, the Nightmare Boys, and the recent addition of the Pirate Witch.

Lockdown has been a mixed blessing in our household.

Group Hug
Lockdown Group Hug
Chaos, Chore Wars, and Chandeliers

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